Friday | Growers Market | 10am (with The Fortunate Souls)
Friday | Diner55 | 6pm
Saturday | Pink Lotus | 3pm (Solo)
Saturday | Diner 55 | 6pm (with Mrs Miyagi)

Born in the bayou of Ballina in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, Shelly Brown was brought up singing music around the dinner table with her family. Music was about participation, passion and personal expression. Shelly’s influences began with an early musical diet of James Taylor, Stevie Wonder and Crosby Stills and Nash, to a more contemporary Australian Soul scene of Georgia Potter, Valentina Brave, Thando, Ngaiire, and Elana Stone.

Shelly is currently amid a bunch of small handful of recording projects. Recording with Mrs Miyagi Vocal Trio (with Sonia Leeson and Carla Versitano); writing and recording projects with The Fortunate Souls (Produced by Dirk Terrill with Terapai Richmond, Grant Gerathy, Dan Brown and Mike Mills), recording her solo songs in the folk, soul and jazz realms( and occasionally kids songs), as well as teaching singing and ticking the rest of life’s boxes.

She recently recorded solo in her old farm house before it’s sale. Filling it’s bones for one last hurrah before it’s heart moved to another family. Inspired by filling nooks and crannies with the emotion of a heart felt voice, she brings her solo songs to Mullum Music Fest, to fill your heart.

“Shelly has one of those incredibly rare voices that reaches deep into your soul and controls you at will. Utterly captivating, dangerously powerful and honest as it comes. The best I’ve ever known”
- Lloyd Spiegel

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